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Things have been disappearing lately and no one knows why. It your job to recover the clues, fight off enemies, and discover what has been happening. In this journey you will have interaction with characters that will help you on your journey through the game. The character Sonic having to fight his enemies while still having to interact with people so they could help him with hints to find the lost treasure's because people are counting on Sonic to find their most valuable treasure's. There are only a couple of treasure in this game but they are not that very easy to find. The very first treasure might be easy but the difficulty of finding the treasures get's even harder then the treasure before. While progressing in the game the treasure gets harder and harder to find. After finding all the treasure you could get a reward for finding the lost valuable treasure's.

Instruction for the game- To move left or right or forwards or backwards you have to use the keys (WASD). You as the player yo have to interact with other people so you would have to left click to talk to the people to be able to find the lost treasures .Controls
Le ft= A
Left Click to interact with Npc

Right click to Kill enemies


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